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Ultracool presents Modular Cold Rooms. Focused on our precise cold storage needs, this is the wildest range of Cold Rooms from India’s largest air conditioning and commercial refrigeration company.

Ultracool’s Cold Storage Division offers custom designed Modular Cold Rooms of all sizes, with pre-fabricated panels. These are manufactured to international standards, incorporating the best technologies for their refrigeration units. Giving you the unbeatable advantages of efficiency, reliability, hygiene and durability.

Testimony to this is the fact that over 10,000 Ultracool Modular Cold Room installations serve cold storage needs in industries as varied as horticulture, floriculture, sericulture, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, dairy and food processing. So if your business needs a Cold Room, Ultracool will provide you with the perfect solution. read more

There is a prevailing misconception that you don’t need specialized skills to keep your air-conditioning and refrigeration system in peak condition. Or that in the case of a breakdown, any local AC repair man can step-in for troubleshooting.

Nothing can be further from the truth. Most local technicians lack in –depth understanding of the complex designs and circuitry that make up the innards of modern day air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Also, they are ill informed when it comes to... read more

  Keeps food fresh longer. It lasts longer too. Ultracool Deep Freezers are just what you need to ensure a smoothly running business. They are built in such a way that interior temperature is maintained without electricity for as long as 10 hours. So the perishables won't spoil, even if there's a power failure.What's more, they use less electricity and help you save on your power bills.